The hair


For the love of vodka, my 6 year old wants Bieber hair.

It is “in” though isn’t it? The style with the super short back and sides and the top bit left all long and swept to the side?! Bugger it.

Although having said that, whatever is “in” doesn’t necessarily work on all hair. Jack has very straight hair that holds no shape or style unless you dump a tub of goop on it. Hayden’s hair is so fine and wispy and there’s not a whole lot I can with it with.

He has found his own favourite style he has dubbed “the shark” which is basically spiking his wispy bits of hair into a kind of/not really mohawk. He thinks he’s ridiculously cool and struts around the house checking himself out in all reflective surfaces!

Who knew boys hairstyles can require so much effort? Maybe it’s because some of the boys I know have the philosophy of if there’s nothing living in it, we’re all good 😉

I sat down with the eldest (in a attempt to distract him from his Bieber style dreams) to find other style ideas. Here are some of them, and his thoughts to go with it:

RM - boys hair

  1. Me: This one is quite similar to number 2 except I think your hair can be longer on the top for this one to get enough spikeage.
    Jack: I like that one mum, that’s cool. I’d need hair stuff all the time for this one though. Can we go get some hair stuff?
  2. Me: This is the one that we tried last time you had your hair cut but your hair is too floppy and wouldn’t stay to the side without a crap tonne of gel.
    Jack: yeah I liked this one, I looked really good. Can they cut the side bits shorter next time though? And I don’t like his shirt…
  3. Me: This is cute but you don’t have any curl to do it.
    Jack: Couldn’t you put those round thingos from your bathroom cupboard in my hair?
    Me: Why are you in my bathroom cupboard??
    Jack: next one please…….
  4. Me: I think this looks really cute on some kids as long as it’s kept neat and tidy.
    Jack: It looks like a helmet
  5. Me: Same as number 4, cute but could easily look messy if it’s not at least brushed a bit.
    Jack: Still looks like a helmet. Just messier. Like he’s been in the wind.
  6. Me: Aaawww you’re hair was like this when you were little. You’re hair was so fine it wouldn’t really do anything else. So cute!
    Jack: If Hayden had more hair and didn’t have bits missing, his could look like this.
    Me: Hayden doesn’t have bits missing, his hair is just really fine.
    Jack: Sometimes you can see through to his head!
  7. Me: This one is almost Farrah Fawcett-y with the little flicks happening!
    Jack: Fairy who?
  8. Me: Could this kid get any cuter!?!?! I like this hairstyle. It’s smart and sweet.
    Jack: It looks like mine does now. Because I have’t had a haircut for ages. Because you haven’t taken me. When am I getting a haircut?
  9. Me: Love this colour! And it’s a really simple but smart style. At least it’s out of his eyes, unlike yours.
    Jack: Geez that’s bright hair! And it’s in my eyes because you haven’t taken me for a haircut for ages………..can I go now, I’m hungry.


What style do you love?








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