AWOL, middle finger emoji and a holiday survival guide


I’ve missed you!

I’m so sorry for being AWOL. I’ve been receiving lovely messages asking if I’m ok and where I am. Everything is totally fine. I’ve just done my usual thing of taking on a bunch of things and the old brain has been a little overloaded. Basically, my prioritisation skills are shite at the moment.

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? I do love it. I’m almost as excited about Christmas as I was to get the middle finger emoji on my phone. THAT excited!

The whole gift thing can get hectic. Are you one of those “super organised, list making, I’ve had my presents for months, gift hiding ninja, I’m ready to go” people? Or are you more like me, the “I thought I was really organised and layby’d not enough shit months ago and forgot about everyone else and now I’m poor so everyone is getting ripped out pages from the boy’s colouring in books which I shall call artwork and nobody will argue because I’ve made the boys practice their sad faces to guilt the recipients” people?

On top of that, we then have to cope with enjoy 87 6 weeks of Christmas school holidays. I think we need a survival guide for the holidays. What do you think? Things to do, free things to do, rainy day activities, outdoor ideas, maps to the nearest Dan Murphy’s…… I’m on it. Let me know what you want to see/hear/read and I’ll get it sorted.

Happy Friday,

Kate xx


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