Christmas: home made decoration ideas

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Even though the thought of Christmas only being a matter of weeks away makes me panic a little, seeing the houses around my neighbourhood starting to put their light displays up gets me a little excited about the festive season.

Each year, we have a bit of a bit of a colour theme going for the tree. This year we’re going “naturals” with gold, white and either silver or bronzey/browney colours with wooden ornaments,  and big ass leaves and pine cones the boys have been collecting. Sounds bloody weird I know, but it’ll look great once it’s all together.

Jack wants to decorate the pine cones and both boys have been asking to make other Christmas bits so I’ve been looking into things they can make that don’t take long and won’t coat my house in glitter (because I’m a jerk). Here’s 10 things we’ve found: Continue reading


Kids subscriptions

I don’t know about you but I LOVE getting packages in the mail. I’ve tried a couple of subscription boxes (Bella Box and Redpawpaw) and was like a little kid at Christmas when my box of goodies arrived. Now the kids can get in on the action with a several companies offering exciting packages delivered just for them! Continue reading

The sleep talker


Way back when, I used to think it was a little bit cute when the boys would mumble something in their sleep. I’d even hear the occasional giggle and wonder what on earth babies dream about.

Now that they’re a little older, it’s just creepy. And they’ve added sleep walking into the mix just for fun. Continue reading