Where I’ve been

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I’m back.

It’s been a hectic month or so around here with the usual work/school/kindy/life stuff, however, I also took on another project. An important one.

We’ve all heard the news reports on the ever increasing domestic violence occurrences. As I sat at home one Thursday, a breaking story came on. A woman had just been shot and killed in full view of children, parents, friends and workers at a McDonalds only 10 minutes from my home. This woman had fled a horrific life of violence to try and begin a new life here on the Gold Coast. Her ex partner followed her up here, found her, and killed her.

I can’t properly articulate just how horrific, devastating, shocking and sad this was. So far this year, 69 women have been murdered by acts of domestic violence. 69.

As I listened to the tragic story, which came only days after another local women was run off the road and beaten to death as she lay trapped in her car by her partner, something in me stirred. I wasn’t able to just change the channel and go about my day anymore. I needed to help. The Hand Up Donation Drive was a little idea that turned into something awesome. For two weeks I collected donations of various items including clothing and household goods, to help the women residing in a local refuge, My Friend’s Place (MFP). These brave women have escaped violent situations and need a hand up to begin life again, free of harm.

Never having organised anything like it before, I was so worried it wouldn’t work, that I’d only have some measly box of shite to hand over. I never been so happy to be so wrong. The response was overwhelming with so many people putting their hand up offering to help in anyway they could. Everyone, it would seem, had been touched by the same tragic events as I had and we’d all had enough.

The donations came in thick and fast and I just loved seeing how happy and excited Stef, the Founder of MFP, was as she watched everything unfold. The current refuge is now filled with clothing and linen, food and toiletries. Their new refuge will hopefully open in November and the donated furniture will furnish each room along with more clothing, food, linen, decor, toiletries and more.  I’m beyond pleased to be able to hand over these donations and more than that, I cannot tell you how much it means to be able to show these women a little bit of kindness after such a traumatic time.

I’m now going to be volunteering my time every now and them to help MFP with various little projects and I’m so happy to be able to help in any small way I can. These women truly deserve it.

If you’d like to make a donation to My Friend’s Place, please visit their website for more information.

Kate xx


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