The Hand Up Donation Drive


I, like so many others, have watched on in absolute horror at the terrifying and increasing occurrences of domestic violence. As of last week, 62 people have lost their lives this year as a result.


That’s 62 mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces, aunties, cousins, friends, loved ones.

According to the Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc, just under half a million women reported that they had experienced physical or sexual violence or sexual assault in the past 12 months. I can’t imagine how many more have been suffering in silence.

Enough is enough.

I don’t have all the answers and I cannot even begin to contemplate how we can put an end to this. But as I watched the news showing another tragic story of a women shot and killed by her ex partner only a few minutes from my home I realised I couldn’t just keep watching and then go about my day. I needed to help, in some small way.

I have teamed up with a wonderful local organisation called My Friend’s Place, a not for profit refuge providing a safe haven for women who have escaped a domestic violence situation.

The Hand Up Donation Drive is something I truly feel passionate about and desperately hope it works. I’m seeking the donation of preloved (or new) household items. In most cases, these brave women have arrived at the refuge with little to no belongings. This donation drive aims to help them start a new, safer life.

You’ll see me posting information about the donation drive over on the Facebook page and yes, I’m probably going to bombard you all with info but it’s for a good cause and I need to get it out there. I hope you understand my need to take a little break from the blog while I put all my energies into this (along with working and taking care of my boys) for the next couple of weeks.

If you’re in the Gold Coast or Brisbane area and have anything you can donate, these women would be truly appreciative. If you have a local business and wish to donate please let me know. And if you have Facebook page I’d love it if you could share the images and posters I’m sharing to the Raising Misters page. I’ve also created a website – – for more information.

If you can help me I’d be so grateful. I want these women to know the kindness of strangers, that the world can in fact be a nicer place and that eventually, life can be sweet. They deserve this.

Kate xxx


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I made GF cookies that don’t taste like shite!

My youngest mister has a wheat allergy. Awesome. While his allergy isn’t life threatening, we found it to be a main cause for his bloated tummy, odd poops and respiratory issues. As difficult as it can be at times, he’s much better without it.

Like a lot of childhood allergies, there’s a pretty big chance he will outgrow this one. For now though, I’ve had to start doing something I’m not a big fan of. Baking.

I wish I was one of this people who had a baking day each week, where the day is spent whipping up week loads of delicious goodies for the kids. But I’m not. Every now and then I’ll bust something out and if it isn’t burnt, it’s a win.

One thing I’ve found with having to remove wheat from things, is that not all recipes we’ve found are very nice. My beautiful friend Trish baked up a storm last weekend and sent me home with a huge batch of cookies that were so yum! Of course after yours truly the boys ate them all, they wanted more. Crap. That meant I had to do it.

Over the past several months I’ve found recipes that we’ve liked and kind of fiddled with them until we loved them. I had one of those days on Friday when I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies that totally didn’t taste like shite!

Here’s the recipe. You’ll note the expert instructions….. Continue reading

Help a girl out?

I know everyone is busy but I really need your help.

For the newbies around there, my blog isn’t a paid job, it’s just something I love, love, love to do. It stemmed from a need to find unique, beautiful, cool, handsome and quirky finds for our misters.

I want to find things to share with you. To help me ensure I’m bringing you relevant finds, I’d be so appreciative if you could take a quick minute to answer a few really easy questions:

1. How old are your misters?

2. Where do you like to shop for your misters? (store names, online stores etc)

3. What items do you find most difficult to locate?

4. Favourite / least favourite colours for your misters.

5. Favourite / least favourite pieces of clothing.

6. What would you like to see more of on the blog?

You can comment below or click here to send me an email if you’d prefer.

Thank you thank you thank you for your help xxxooo

Kate xxx

The types of mums you’ll find at school


One of the many talents my boys have inherited from me 😉 is to conduct “the scan”. When we enter a new environment, we will take in the room/yard/area to scope out the people inhabiting it. We can get a quick lay of the land, a brief idea on who’s who and where we need to be and who or what we need to avoid. If the room/yard/area is hard to read we’ll hang back until we can a better feel for the people. Continue reading