Spring/Summer trends for the misters

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I am no fashionista. I know what I like and I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. I love accessories and shoes and bags and a bargain. I used to live in towering high heels before the boys ruined my balance and sense of giving a shit. Now I’m the proud owner of 786 pairs of flat shoes.

Anyway, like I said, I know what I like. I do keep an eye on what’s new in the world of fashion although I’ll ignore a lot of it (because I’m not wearing a freaking crop top and pants that look like I’ve stashed people in the crotch).

For my boys, I like them to look cute but with a little bit of handsome thrown in. It also has to fit into our little budget. I don’t pretend to know what I’m talking about but I took a look at what’s big for the misters for spring and summer and it’s looking great! There’s a number of trends happening and I’m going to feature them in more detail over a few upcoming posts but for now, here’s a quick run down:

Sea life: featuring navy, neons, black and purples, the sea life vibe will be big on ocean prints and inspired text, nautical themes, sea creature prints as well as good old board shorts.

The traveller: think road trips, handwritten notes, postage stamps, cruising and vintage cars, maps and compasses with a mix of colourful bottoms, bomber jackets, loud check prints and bright accessories.

The fisherman: ocean, wave and fishing inspired prints and coloured plaids and check patterns. The fisherman trend incorporates pockets, rolled cuff pants, colour blocking, straw hats, espadrilles and backpacks.


Safari: Jumaji inspired, cartoon graphics, safari jackets, cargo pants and shorts as well as animal prints, camouflage, natural textures and vivid colours.

Street: think edgy graphic t-shirts, skater and surfer designs, abstract, digital and silhouette prints, jumpers and jackets around the waist, cargo pants and faded denim.

Explorers: similar to the fisherman vibe, the explorer look with feature fishing vests, convertible pants, cargo pockets, plaids and gingham with some wool and fleece. Detailing featuring woodland creatures like hedgehogs, owls, foxes and deer; fishing hook feathers, map prints, bird watching inspired designs, achievement badges, animal print, camp fire songs, bugs and florals.

Artsy kids: for the crafty ones there’ll be a blend of asymmetrical patterns, colour blocking, art inspired prints, paint splashes, water colour, tie dye and patchwork. Colours will include bright yellows, red, pinks, blues and purples as well as beige and bright trims.


Mini me’s: for the suave ones there’ll be linen vests, bow ties, tailored details, collarless jackets, blazers, raw denim and suede with coffee, monochromatic, mustard, olive and navy tones.

Boho baby: this look has been around for a little bit now and I still love it. Look for peace, calm and happiness inspired patterns and prints across jackets, vests and shirts as well as denim with that lived in look and suede fringe. Beige and unbleached cottons will be popular as will peach, pale blues and greens, and cream.

Trendy: apparently inspired by Kanye (don’t let that put you off), this look will be big on sweat pants, drop crotch harem pants, baseball jerseys, oversized shirts, logos, shoulder and elbow patches, graffiti prints, stud detailing and leather-look pants. Black, white, high contrasting, monochromatic grey, blues and purples will feature highly.


Across the board there’ll be a reference to smart and cool. Witty tees and handwritten prints will still feature as well as a pretty broad range of colours. For the bubs it’s a look back to classics with subtle pastel tones and the much loved rompers.

The next post on trends will take a glance into the sea life and traveller looks.

K xxx

** These colours may not be exact, they’re just to give you an idea.


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