The Little Blue Book


If you’ve been here for a little bit you’ll (hopefully) know all about our The Little Blue Book but if you’re a newbie, I’ll fill you in.

The Little Blue Book is basically our little list (with links) of fabulous websites and businesses that offer all sorts of bits and pieces for our misters. As I come across something I think needs sharing, I’ll add it to the range of categories: bedroom decor, gifts, furniture, parties, toys; clothes, shoes & accessories; for the mamas, photo products and other bits.

I’ve been fiddling around with it over the past couple of days, adding pretty bits and adjusting the layout. This involved having to Google the bejeezus out of nerdy codey bits then frantically texting my amazingly clever brother for more help. Then I kinda gave up the will to live a little and had to walk away for a day or so. Too hard basket.

It was doing my head in.

So, check it out here and let me know what you think. Ignore the broken bits. After a bucket of wine, a nap and an ugly cry I’ll be sure to get it sorted.

If there’s a site you love that you think needs to be added, or if you have a site you’d like added, let me know.

K xx


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