The organised laundry

You know those laundries you see in magazines that are all perfect and neat and tidy and organised? I don’t have one of those.

Mine is small dungeon filled with lint and pile of folding so high I’d lose a kid in there, a washing machine that doesn’t wash that well and a dryer that masquerades as a crematorium for socks.

I came across these cool organisation ideas for laundries and thought I’d share. So we can all feel crappy about the dodgy ones we have…..

laundry 1

{found on Listotic}

FYI I actually have one of these. I also forgot I have one these and never use it. It was a nice surprise to find it though…. so many things I didn’t know I had!

laundry 2

{found on Buzzfeed}

laundry 3

{found on Through the Front Door}

laundry 4

{found on the Money Saving Queen}

laundry 5

{found on Domestically Speaking}

laundry 6

{found on Simplicity in the South}

laundry 7

{found on Pin Junkie}

laundry 8

{found on Lark & Linen}

laundry 9

{found on My Love for Words}

laundry 10

{found on Red Hen Home}

And check out these dreamy rooms!!!

laundry 11

{found on Brit + Co}

laundry 12

{found on Jenna Sue Design Co}

laundry 13

{found on Parkdale Ave}

laundry 14

{found on Decoholic}

What does your laundry look like?

K xxx


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