Check it out: Timber bits


There’s something about things made from wood. They smell good, they feel good and look good.

Wooden toys have been around forever and it would seem that decor featuring timber is very popular (I myself have a number of things!). I’ve gone on the hunt for wooden decor and play things for the misters, here’s my picks:

Timber Bits

Top Row

Emilia Metal Table Lamp from Target – $49.00

My Bright House from Cotton On Kids – $7.50

Mula 24 Building Blocks with Wagon set from Ikea – $14.99

Middle Row

Adrift Clock by Aspire from Pillow Talk – $14.95 

Wooden Le Toy Van Pirate Ship Barbarossa from My Wooden Toys – SALE $89.95

Seedling My Nature Flower Press from Eco Toys – $24.95

Bottom Row

Wooden Dinosaur Money Box by Monkey Moodle Designs from Down That Little Lane – $28.00

WeWood Watch (Metis Black) from Greenlife – $129.00

Don’t Grow Up Wooden Wall Hanging by Anrol Designs from Hard To Find – $29.00

Happy hunting,

K xx

* Remember to visit each site to view the full ranges and available sizes, postage info, terms and conditions. Raising Misters loves to find things for your misters, however, I cannot take any responsibility if you are not happy with items you may purchase or service you receive on other websites that you may have seen here. All images are from their website and all info is correct at the time of posting. This is not a sponsored post, just sharing the love 🙂


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