Friday Finds: the COOLEST place for bedroom bits


I was working really hard the other day (on Google) and came across a pretty awesome website offering everything needed for a dream bedroom. If you have a sweet little bubba, a wannabe pirate, pilot or racing car driver; or a super cool teen then this place is for you!

Here’s some picks from Cilek Room: Continue reading


Is encouragement enough?

Raising Misters crown

We all want our kids to be happy. We shower them with love and encouragement, provide support when they need it and allow them time and space to become independent little people.

What happens though, when they struggle to find their place? Continue reading

Words of wisdom

words of wisdom

My friend Oprah calls them “Ah huh” moments. You know the ones. When you read a sentence or a quote or a speech or even hear song lyrics, and something about them sticks in your mind. They make you think. You relate to the words. You identify with them. As if they were meant for you. Written just for you,  for a particular moment in your life.

I love those.

Oh and just to clear things up, Oprah and I aren’t really friends. If we were, I’d totally get free tickets to her show…..

Anyway, there a couple of quotes that mean something to me and have stuck with me ever since I first came across them. Some I adore simply for the way they sound and some I draw on when I need them most. If you’re some great quotes, search for Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes on Pinterest – he’s a favourite.

Here’s some more of my favourites: Continue reading

Check it out: Designer misters


I have pretty awesome bargain shopping skills but sometimes, it’s nice to take a peak at some of the oh-so-pretty goodies that are also oh-so-out of my budget.

I once spent around $160 on a beautiful pair of boots (B.C. = before child). I felt sick for days afterwards. Damn buyers remorse. I cannot imagine spending hundreds and thousands on furniture bits or pieces of clothing for my boys. Like a $16,000 Swarovski crystal encrusted highchair (Blue Ivy) or a $1450 leather toddler jacket (Skyler Berman – Rachel Zoe’s little guy) or a $2100 Chanel bag for J-Lo’s little girl Emme.

Hey if I had the celebrity monies I’d be shopping up a storm! It’s nice to dream 😉

Here’s some designer finds (some actually aren’t too pricey) for you to either envy or stick in your trolley. (I mean online shopping cart. I don’t think fancy places have trolleys….do they?) Continue reading

The organised laundry

You know those laundries you see in magazines that are all perfect and neat and tidy and organised? I don’t have one of those.

Mine is small dungeon filled with lint and pile of folding so high I’d lose a kid in there, a washing machine that doesn’t wash that well and a dryer that masquerades as a crematorium for socks.

I came across these cool organisation ideas for laundries and thought I’d share. So we can all feel crappy about the dodgy ones we have….. Continue reading