Go ride a bike!


Back in my day (hey old timer…) I use to rock a super cool hot pink, black and white bike. I had an amazingly awesome set of spokey dokeys, a bell I used to ding to scare the local cats and I could even ride one handed. I was that awesome.

These days, there’s so many things the misters can add to their bikes. I call them “accessories”. The boys call them “cool awesome bike bits”.

Check these out:


Seeeeee! They’re still cool!!!
Spokey Dokeys Neon Glow from Pushys – $7.99


Air Horn from 99 Bikes – $9.00


Southern Star LED Skull Bike Lights 2 Pack form Kmart – $4.00

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.27.59 pm

Honka Hoota Bicycle Horn from Big W – $5.00


Electra Black Leather Streamers from King Street Cyclery – $19.95

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.56.08 pm

Reid Vintage Pannier Bags from Reid Cycles – $79.99


Basil Kids Tivoli Basket from Velogear – $45.00

Get crafty!

The kids can decorate their bikes with homemade number plates, playing cards in the spokes, make some cardboard flames or exhausts, add a flag and a noisy trail of cans, washi tape, spray paint and markers. Attach a trailer or a little wagon to the back and they’re ready to go on an adventure!

K x


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