My love/hate relationship with Facebook


I’ve been on Facebook book for several years now. I think I started my (personal) page around the time I had my first mister. Probably to bombard people with endless photos of him doing what newborns do….. looking adorable and doing sweet nothing. 

It’s the best time waster known to mankind. You can spend a great deal of time scrolling through endless stories and photos and videos and shite and before you know it the kids are whinging at you because it’s dinnertime and apparently they want to eat. Just me? 😉

It’s also known as Stalkbook. You know how it is. You search extensively stumble upon the pages of people you went to school with and take a sneaky peak to see what their lives are like now. Then there’s friend’s sweet family photos, reno pics, jealousy inducing holiday snaps and wedding albums. There’s the videos of amazing dancers, inspirational speeches, cats playing the keyboard, movie bloopers (if you need a laugh, you need to watch the outakes from the 40 Year Old Virgin movie…. you may pee a little). You can read news articles, gossip pages and catch up on awesome posts from your favourite bloggers.

It’s all a bit of fun right?

It all used to be pretty harmless but somewhere along the way, it’s turned into a forum for nasty people who feel the need to share their “opinions” and bully strangers. I’ve “unfriended” many a page after witnessing some unnecessary and pretty awful things. Mothers who are asking questions because they need help only to have complete strangers criticise their parenting skills. People sharing their feelings only be told there’s something wrong with them. Others sharing photos only to be torn down with hateful comments.


I understand that certain types of people feel a hell of a lot tougher sitting behind a computer. I also appreciate that everyone is entitled to their opinion and standing up for ourselves and what we believe in, BUT there is such a massive difference between sharing opinions and spewing cruel words. It’s just ridiculous.

I use social media for the blog and for a bit of time wasting fun. I share the random things my boys have said, photos from here and there and funning things I’ve seen. It’s never crossed my mind to put my two cents in to a complete stranger and make them feel terrible. I’m fortunate enough to have a filter. If I see something I don’t like or don’t agree with, I keep scrolling or unlike the page. Maybe that’s the problem, some people have broken filters. It’s all just a little bit sad.

So I will continue to use it in fun. I will laugh at the musical cats and the people falling over (that’s ok right?) and all the other nice good bits. It would be nice, however, to see a little bit less of the Kardashian’s….just saying.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with Facebook?

K xx


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