Surviving school holidays – the fun list


It’s nearly that time again. The time the kids LOVE almost as much as most parents dread.

School holidays.

So while you’re busy hoarding “mummy drinks” in preparation, here’s a list of fun things to do to pass the time:

For home

Craft: raid the crafty aisles at the local cheap shop and make a craft box filled with paper, pencils, glue, paddle pop sticks, colouring books, paint (if you’re game enough), straws, beads, sequins, cellophane, play dough (again, if you’re game), old magazines/newspapers/junk mail, scissors (those crappy “safety” ones of course), buttons, pom poms, cardboard, wool/string etc and get your craft on! Make some artwork, cards and gifts!

Movie day: start recording any kids movies that come on the TV in preparation, hire some DVD’s from the local shop or kiosk, borrow movies from the library, download them from Netflix/Stan/Presto, or raid your own DVD collection. Make some popcorn and grab some pillows and blankies and you’re good to go!

Cooking: have a baking day. It’s messy and will probably drive you mental but it will keep the kids entertained and you’ll have a tonne of snacks for after they’ve gone to bed!

Scavenger hunt: grab a bunch of their favourite toys, some random objects and throw in some treats. Scatter them around the house and/or yard and make a little list for the kids to tick off as they find the items.

Story time: choose some stories that everyone loves and sit down together in a comfy spot with some snacks and enjoy some story time! Make it more interesting and use some toys as props for the story.

Fort fun: pick a spot that you won’t mind getting trashed for a day. Load up the kids with boxes and sheets and watch them have a ball creating their own little fort. Then sneak away and enjoy a cup of tea….

Puzzles and board games: an oldie but definitely a goodie. Unless you’re kids are competitive. Or you are. Then it’s just fighting.

Paper planes: put your folding skills to the test and see who can make the fastest and bestest paper plane!

Play dates: organise a play date so your little people can spend some time with their friends. If you like their parents, invite them too and have some wine afternoon tea.

Colour hunt: much like a scavenger hunt, except this time everyone has to search for items of the same colour.

Scrap book: get the kids to cut out pictures of their favourite things, places, people, foods, words, holidays etc and make a fun little scrap book.

Go fly a kite: there’s a million super dooper easy kite making recipes (that’s not the right word is it…) on Google. Make an awesome flying contraption and take it outside. Tip: if it’s not windy it’ll be crap. I’m very helpful. You’re welcome.

Picnic in the backyard: take lunchtime outdoors. Make a fun little lunch and set up a big picnic blanket for a change of scenery. Sometimes this is better than a real picnic because you won’t have to walk for 8km to a public toilet….

Mini Olympics: get some sporty bits together and create a little course in the backyard: soccer, hula hoops, bikes, cricket, trampoline, swings, hopscotch, running – anything you’ve got!

Dress up day: get out the crafty box and make some cool masks, get dressed up as your favourite characters and have a blast!

Treasure maps: work your inner pirate and create a “real life” treasure map! It’s way easier on some of that brown craft paper – back in the day we used white paper and a bucket load of tea and matches to make it “realistic” for school projects.

Leaf collage: take the kids on a little walk around the neighbourhood or if you can’t be assed, around your yard. Collect leaves of all different shapes, sizes and colours and make a lovely little collage.

Sock puppets: find some old socks and stick on some eyes or draw on some features with textas and have you’re own little puppet show!

Out and about

Library: take the kids to borrow some books and DVD’s or sit and enjoy some story time. Check with your local library in advance to see when they have school holidays activities on.

Movies: I’m busting to see the Minions Movie and Inside Out. I suppose the boys can come with me….

Picnics: after you’ve baked and crafted the bejeezus out of everything, load the car up with blankets and cushions and a picnic basket. Oh, and the kids. And head out to a nice picnic spot near a park or river or beach or mountain. And also one near a toilet….just saying.

Scavenger hunt #2: create a list with the kids of things you think you can find while out and about. These are great if you have errands to run and you need them to be “entertained”…

Museums: I know the Brisbane museum currently has a fantastic Dinosaur exhibit at the moment. Check your local museum to see what fun things they have available over the holidays.

Nature walk: investigate local walking tracks and take in a bit of nature with the kids.

The beach: I realise it’s winter and not exactly warm enough for sunbaking by the sea but hear me out. The boys and I love going for walks on the beach, playing in the sand and collecting shells. I also like to find spots near good coffee shops and time our walks around morning or afternoon tea – a walk, some treasure hunting and a treat!

Bowling: I super suck at bowling but love it so much! Have a look online to see if your local bowling alley has any holiday deals going.

Fishing: I will not be doing this because fishing bores me to tears. My idea of “fishing” is going to the local shop and buying it. With chips. But if you and your kids love fishing it’s a great holiday activity. Apparently.

Shopping centres: ok so this is way more fun for us than them but a lot of shopping centres have some great school holiday activities available.

Catch a train: doesn’t matter where to, the kids love the trains!

Adventure drives: we do this a lot. Basically, pack some snacks, get in the car and go. You don’t need a plan or a destination in mind, that’s why it’s an “adventure”. We make a little list of “missions” like pat a horse, find some ducks, see some cows etc.

Good luck to you all on the holidays and I hope you’ve found something useful on the list.

K xx


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