Bedroom – boho and neutrals


I’m really loving the gorgeous furnishings and design ideas using neutral, natural, earthy tones and a boho feel. Without sounding all hippy dippy and new-agey, it creates such a soft, calming and comforting space with browns, beiges and greys.

Apparently ochre is a popular colour too. I’m not gonna lie, I totally looked up “ochre” and it’s a yellowy colour – see here to give you an idea.

These colours create such a soft base and looks lovely with pops of colour thrown in.

Oh and btw, my boys bedrooms look nothing like these. At all. Sorry boys.

Anyway, here’s some dreamy ideas on how to work with neutral, natural earthy tones for a boho feel in your mister’s bedroom area.


Eco-Luxe Cushion from The Gather Collective – $99.00


{image source} also visit {The Junior}


Linen Fabric Banner Bunting by Lovely Home Idea found on Down That Little Lane – $48.00 


Colour ideas {image source:}


Dream Big Little Boy wall banner by Colour and Spice found on Hard to Find – $44.00


Beautiful nursery {image source}


{Image source: A beautiful Mess}


Teepee from littleNOMADesign found on Etsy – $148.58


{image source: RH Baby & Child}

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

{image source: Sycamore Street Press}


Custom Full Gold Dipped Feather Dreamcatcher by LovelyFawn808 on Etsy – $63.74


{image source: Bohemian Treehouse}

What do you think of this style? If you have pics you’d like to share, send them my way 🙂

K xx


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