I am by no means inventing something new here. It happens every day, all day, everywhere to everyone. It’s normal and it’s all a part of parenting and they’re just kids and blah blah bla. It drives me freaking bonkers.

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Go ride a bike!


Back in my day (hey old timer…) I use to rock a super cool hot pink, black and white bike. I had an amazingly awesome set of spokey dokeys, a bell I used to ding to scare the local cats and I could even ride one handed. I was that awesome.

These days, there’s so many things the misters can add to their bikes. I call them “accessories”. The boys call them “cool awesome bike bits”.

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The drop off


Most of you know that I am now a divorcée (sounds a bit fancy doesn’t it 😉 ) and single mum to my awesome boys. The other day I received an email from a beautiful woman who was curious to know how we manage the whole visitation hoo-haa. She also said I seemed to handle it so well and so nicely, with integrity and kindness.

And I laughed and I laughed while I patted my unicorn.

It was a lovely, lovely thing to say and it made me happy to know I haven’t been coming across as a bitter ex wife, but it’s most definitely not easy and I reeeeeaaaallllyyyy don’t always handle it so well.  Continue reading

Crafty bits we want to make….but probably won’t


The boys are right into crafty things. We have a giant box filled to the brim with all sorts of bits and pieces. They love it.

I don’t love it as much as they do.

Ok look. I do love being creative, I really truly do. I just have an issue with my house being glitter bombed and being left to clean up 8.75 million teeny tiny pieces of cut up paper. I also, and I’ve mentioned this before, have something broken somewhere between my brain and my fingers. The wonderfully amazing ideas I have rushing around my head are never the same as the end result and that frustrates the bajeezus out of me.

We have, however, made a bit of a list of some “projects” we’d like to try out. A lot of the items on the list are only on there because I’ve agreed to something when I wasn’t really paying attention. Damn it all. But they’re on the list now apparently and with school holidays coming up I’ve been told we’re going to be making stuff…..

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Weekly wrap up: school holiday fun, She Sheds and more

Weekly wrap up

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’m just about to go and collect my boys who have been at their dad’s for the weekend. I enjoy a little break but miss their faces terribly. I received an email from a beautiful mum asking how I deal with the drop offs and the weekends without them, I’ll write more about it this week.

How was your week? We had a busy one with the usual work/school/kindy plus injuries, illness and a pretty new car thrown in – fun times!

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Friday Finds: the She Shed


There is nowhere in my house that I can be alone. Nowhere. Ever.

I go to my room to get dressed and every single freakin time, someone needs to ask me a super amazingly urgent question like “why are DVD’s shiny?” or “how come my pencil tastes funny?”. I go to the bathroom and apparently my “motions” send out telepathic reminders to my kids to tell me everything they need for Christmas. For the next 8 years.

Nowhere is safe.

This is why I would like, actually, why I absolutely must have one of these.

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