The great underpants mystery


I can be forgetful. I write shopping lists and then leave them at home. I’ll put something away in a “special place” to remember where it is, and I’ll forget where the heck the “special place” is. Sometimes, and I’m kinda sorta ashamed to admit it, I’ve been known to take a little longer than usual to recall my kids birth dates.

One thing I’ve never forgotten though, is to wear underpants. 

My youngest mister is going through a “thing” at the moment. Apparently undies are boring and not required. Don’t get me wrong, he’s fine to put them on and wear them but turn your back or leave him alone for a couple of seconds, and they’re off.

It’s not an unusual sight at my place to see the three of us having dinner together at our dinner table, just me, Jack and the small one….. naked from the waist down.

He goes to kindy wearing his tiny little pants yet when he comes home and we head off to bath time, they’ve disappeared. When I ask him where they are, I either get “At kindy, they’re boring and I don’t need them” or “I forgot to put them back on”.

Now I can tell you that A) I have never had the need to totally de-pants myself when I use the bathroom and B) even if I ever felt the need, I’d totally remember to put them back on. I would have thought that boys especially would kinda know that it was all feeling a little more “free” down there?!

It’s not a big deal other than the fact that I’m constantly heading to Kmart to restock. I’m wondering if the staff there are thinking we’re chucking a Bieber and only wearing each pair once and throwing them out.

Do you have an underpants situation at your place? Is this a normal thing?

K xx


2 thoughts on “The great underpants mystery

  1. Haha, my two year old won’t keep on his pants but is thankfully still in nappies or I would totally be in the same boat! I put him to bed in his pj’s with socks on his feet and every morning he wakes up with no pants and no socks on. Weird children, must be a boy thing!

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