Weekly wrap up – blog posts, cops and robbers

Weekly wrap up

What a week! I’m all for a bit of excitement but it’s been a little more action packed around here than I would normally like. There was the usual school/kindy/work stuff along with police chases, wanted criminals, police helicopters, shots fired, searches through the bush opposite my house and a couple of unwanted visitors to my house. 

Nothing major….

The good news is, the two people the police were searching for have been found and arrested. The police did an amazing job and I for one, am grateful. It was more than a little scary having them running around my street and the police helicopter hovering overhead with its spotlight on and loudspeaker announcements was seriously unnerving. Luckily my boys didn’t wake to all the noise but my eldest realised something was up in the morning when the news had a live cross to a reporter….on our street. We then arrived at school to find a large amount of police and the street outside the school blocked off while they collected evidence. I had a chat with Jack about it and the teachers and principal of his school handled the situation perfectly.

So that’s that.

Except for the person banging on my door last Sunday night at 1:40am then again at around 12:30 this morning. Unfortunately it’s not the first time I’ve had “visitors” around my home. The police were called this morning and conducted a search but seeing as though I live directly opposite the bush, the jerks had disappeared.

Now I don’t mean to alarm you. I’m tough. So tough. In fact I have a black belt. In shitting my pants in scary situations. Thankfully the boys weren’t home last night. Sadly they did miss out on mummy’s freaked out way-too-high-pitched whispering shakey voice telling the Triple-0 dispatcher that even though this was the third time I’d called the police to my home in the last 12 months, I promise I’m not a nuisance caller and I’m not making it up….I stopped short of assuring her that although I’m single and a huge fan of a man in uniform I was not that hard up for a date.

The kind lady on the other end of the phone kept me talking and asked me if I had any working sensor lights. I told her I do. In a box. In the garage. So no, they’re technically not really working right now but I’m sure if they were installed they’d work great.

Funnily enough, when the boys have been home and this has happened before, I turn all angry ass kicking warrior woman. I’ve called the police and waited, standing guard outside their doors with my phone in one hand my heavy silver meat mallet in the other. Because when someone is trying to break into your house you really just want to tenderise the shit out of them…..

Anyway, I’ve ordered a little security camera to sit in my front window. It has sensor that picks up movement, sends me an email (because I check them in my sleep) and I can check the camera footage from my room on my phone, take a screen shot of the asshat at my door and plaster it all over the internet show it to the police. I’ve also got those handy boxed up sensor lights hopefully being properly installed this week and my mum’s told me to make a sign to stick in the window saying “Smile you massive a-holes, you’re on camera and soooooooo busted”. I think she used other words but you get my drift.

So that’s been my week. No biggie.

Oh, and these posts in case you missed them.

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I also broke my favourite candle and a coffee cup, head butted my own car (not on purpose) and killed a giant spider.

That is all.

Hope your week is a little less exciting 😉

K xx


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