Same but different


I don’t really know what I was expecting but for some reason, I was slightly surprised to realise there’s a few differences between my boys.

For starters, considering they were both born at the petite and delicate weight of 10 pounds 7 ounces, Jack is tall and lanky and while Hayden is tall he’s bit of a unit. Jack has a lot of his dad’s features (but cuter 😉 ) and Hayden is very much a mini-me (lucky devil!). Jack has light brown straight hair and Hayden has blonde hair with a hint of a wave. They both share big beautiful dark brown eyes with killer lashes and giant feet.

Jack has a flair for the dramatic, is highly sensitive and emotional and amazingly thoughtful. Hayden has no fear, lives life very much on his terms and there’s very little that phases him. While Jack loves his cars and trucks and superheroes, he equally loves craft and colouring and being creative. Hayden would prefer to paint himself and eat a crayon.

They both love a cuddle, a dance off, spending time with family, going on adventures and are hilariously funny.

See, same but different.

On the weekend, we visited a wildlife park. As we drove down the highway, I told the boys if they behaved they might get a treat from the gift shop. Jack says “I’ll be really good mum, I promise. We’re going to have such a nice time together, thank you for taking us” (I realise he was laying it on a bit thick in the hopes it would help him get the treat, but I’ll take it). Hayden, on the other hand, announces in a sing-song voice “I’ve got the sexies”….

Before we went in, I asked them what they needed to remember. Jack says “our manners, not running away and staying together”. Hayden on the other hand gave us the useful advice of “we don’t punch any birdies”.

Good to know.

As we walked down the path, the boys held hands, whispering and pointed things out to each other. I love those moments.

Then the lovely moment was interrupted. Wandering around the park, Jack gently sidestepped the mountains of kangaroo shite while Hayden screamed at the top of his lungs “there’s poo there! And there! There’s more poo! Why is there so much poo? Poo touched my shoe! There’s SO MUCH POOOOOOO”.


We followed a path that took us to the animal hospital. The big glass viewing windows allowed visitors to see the wonderful work the staff do to help sick and injured wildlife. While we were there, a little koala was being cared for and as Jack looked in the window he was getting a little upset. “I just don’t like seeing the animals so sick mum”. As Jack became all glassy eyed, Hayden roars across the walkway “I FOUND A HUGE STICK”…… sensitive much?!

Later on we somehow found ourselves back with the kangaroos. There was a mumma with a way-too-big baby in her pouch. Seriously, there was a pair of supermodel length legs poking out the front – if I was it’s mother I’d be kicking it out…. Anyway. Jack was watching this very patient mumma roo and says “wow, that’s amazing isn’t it mum!?”. Hayden on the other hand scream in horror “MUM! There’s legs coming out of that Kang-ra-roo’s BUM!!!”…….

Awesome. So while Jack is admiring nature and appreciating how beautiful it all was, Hayden has managed to let everyone in the wildlife park hear him screech the words poo and bum, not to mention the word “sexies” in the car, finding huge sticks and the useful advise of not punching birds.

Same but oh-so-different.

Are there many differences between your babies?

K xx


6 thoughts on “Same but different

  1. It must be brothers! My 2 couldn’t be more opposite if they tried. Chalk and cheese! Older hates breakfast, youngest would have 3 breakfasts if allowed. Youngest makes own homework up, oldest avoids it like the plauge. Only thing they both like is TV but even then they disagree on what to watch.
    I dream of the day they like each other for longer than 10 minutes. What they don’t realise is the power they could have if they paired up.

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