Friday Finds: the job list (and a free download for you!)


Ok so I didn’t “find” this one, I made it.

I needed to create a new chore list for my eldest that incorporated not only his chores around the home, but also a way of getting him to remember to bring home his things from school (I whinged about that here).

I’ve done up a little list that I can either print off each week or print one copy and laminate it. It has spaces where he can additional jobs if he’d like to earn an extra reward. The rules is he must complete his everyday chores in order to do the extras and get the reward. If he ticks of all the boxes, he gets his pocket money at the end of the week.

The way the pocket money works around here is that he can either have the $6.00 or he can put it in a jar to save towards something bigger. Either option encourages him to think about where his money goes. If he chooses to take the money and run, he realises that if he wastes it that’s it until next week. If he chooses to save it, he sees the benefits of saving and working towards something. I keep the jar in a visible space and if he’s found something to save for we stick a picture of it on the jar to remind him. If he doesn’t do his chores then he misses out all together.

Anyway, here’s the list (click below) if you’d like to download a copy for yourself 🙂

Raising Misters Job List

Do you little misters have chores? How does it work in your household?

K xx


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