The great underpants mystery


I can be forgetful. I write shopping lists and then leave them at home. I’ll put something away in a “special place” to remember where it is, and I’ll forget where the heck the “special place” is. Sometimes, and I’m kinda sorta ashamed to admit it, I’ve been known to take a little longer than usual to recall my kids birth dates.

One thing I’ve never forgotten though, is to wear underpants.  Continue reading


The dating update


Oooohhhhh so much to tell you!

And by so much, I mean nothing. At all. Other than the taste of disappointment every time I glance at the dating site I stupidly put myself on.

I’m not that picky. Truly I’m not. Those who know me and my previous “selections” will totally vouch for me. I may have had no standards whatsoever.

I have decided I should probably up my standards a little bit. I have a list as long as the grey hair I frantically ripped from my head this morning of all the qualities and types I do not want. I should probably be a little more positive and try and create a list of what I do want. There are some definite deal breakers though. Continue reading

Friday Finds – The DIY gift hamper


Who doesn’t love a gift basket? WHO?

When buying them complete, not only can gift baskets be a little pricey, they can also be a little hit and miss.  You know when you buy a box of chocolates and there’s some sneaky choccies in there that you just don’t like, or when you buy a CD and find out you only like 3 songs on it?

I like to make my own gift baskets. Firstly, it can sometimes work out cheaper (not all the time) and it’s far more personal with each item chosen specifically for the lucky recipient.

There’s so many different ideas for gift hampers. I gave a little one to my Nan for her birthday yesterday and she loved it! It was designed with a relaxing afternoon in mind and the box was filled with a couple of crossword and puzzle books, a beautiful tea cup, some tea, a packet of humbugs (one of her faves), a little jar of jam (if she felt like some toast with her tea) and hand cream.

The options are endless and you can tailor a gift basket to anyone and any occasion: a car wash kit, a pamper pack, an explorers basket, a sporting supporters box, a BBQ pack, a new baby gift, a beer lovers hamper, a science lovers pack, a picnic hamper, a desert makers pack, a book lovers box, a date night kit, a movie night box. So many ideas!

The key is to figure out something they love – a food, a drink, a hobby, a place, a passion – anything you know they enjoy that you could work into a special gift.

There’s also many different ways to create a gift hamper. Over the next few weeks I’m going to gather some hamper ideas for you. Today I’ve found some ideas to form the basis of the hamper itself. These are just ideas, you might have a basket or container at home that would work, you could use a gift box, a laundry basket or you might even find cheaper versions of the items below. It’s all up to you. Continue reading

Talking about feelings


I’m a fairly emotional person. I feel all the feels, all the time. Although not very productive, my usual go-to reaction is anger. It’s far easier for me to pull on the cranky pants first before working out that there’s something else sitting beneath the surface. I’m working on it. (sort of).

Working out exactly how you’re feeling can be tricky. Are you cranky, cheerful, confused, upset, despondent, resentful, anxious, contrite, content? If it’s tricky for us grown ups, imagine the difficulty our kids might have at trying to work it out.

My eldest went to see a children’s psychologist. He is a pretty emotional kid and he was having difficulty expressing his feelings, which was in turn causing some pretty intense frustration. He knew something was bothering him but he couldn’t find the words. I could tell it was becoming a problem and I didn’t feel like I was finding the right answers for him. I also didn’t want it left alone, to have him growing up unable to handle his emotions and just settling on anger. So we sought help.

And it was such a good thing.

Each visit, Jack would come home with a little activity. They were a great help and he still uses them now. I’ve tracked down some similar things that may be of use. Each activity allows the child to identify how they feel and encourages communication about why they feel that way, that it’s ok to feel the way they do and how, if possible, the problem or issue can be worked through.  Continue reading

Check it out: Spineless Classics


When I was little I loved reading The Wind in the Willows and Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Loved them. My misters are given books as gifts for each birthday and Christmas, even Easter, and thankfully they love to read them.

I think beautiful picture books make lovely gifts, and then I found these.

Spineless Classics create beautiful prints featuring an entire story, on one page. They offer a wonderful range of children’s classics along with genres including romance, historical, religious, the greats and more.

Here’s some of my faves for the kids: Continue reading