Hayden - last day of 2

This kid. He kills me with his cuteness and his cheekiness and his special little dance moves. He, like his big brother, is my greatest achievement, my source of pure joy, immense frustration and overwhelming love.

Today he turns 3.

It feels like only a few weeks ago when he made his grand, albeit dramatic, entrance into the world. We’ve managed to cram in a hell of a lot into those three years. It’s gone too fast. Too fast.

I wish that I could freeze time. Just keep him at this age forever. He’s my last baby and although he’ll always be my “baby”, all of his firsts are all of my lasts. As much as I adore watching him grow and learn and take on the world, part of me gets a little sad.

I’m biased, obviously, but sweet baby cheeses he’s beautiful. He has these amazing lashes framing his beautiful eyes that never seem to miss a thing. His laugh is just the sweetest sound and his smile could melt the coldest of hearts. His soft, wispy hair grows in random spurts at all angles and he has the cutest, squeeziest tushie.

He has taught me to love with every spare corner of my heart. I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly find any more room in there after I had Jack. Then Hayden came along and my heart was overflowing.

I have spent so many hours just watching him. Watching him sleep, play, eat, figure out a straw, play with his cars and love his brother. I love watching him watching the world, I’m forever wondering what it is he’s thinking about.

He’s fierce and fearless, which can usually make for some heart stopping moments. He’s clever and brave and so, so funny. He’s quick tempered and stubborn – apparently that comes from me (you’re welcome buddy). He’s heart achingly sweet, super loving and so affectionate and you always know where you stand with him, life is on his terms.

I cherish our early morning cuddles, the stillness and quiet only broken by giggles and I ‘wuv’ you’s. We end each day the same way, with a kiss on his head while he sleeps and a whispered “mummy loves you, my sweet boy”.

I’ve fumbled my way through motherhood so far and the feeling of failing is constant but my oh my, how proud I am. He’s had a tough run and never ceases to amaze me with how adaptable he is. He takes everything in his stride, and keeps on going. There have been days when I have felt truly broken, and he gives me a look that lets me know I can do it. It hasn’t been been easy but it’s definitely been worth it and I would do anything for them both.

So happy birthday my beautiful, beautiful boy. You, and your brother, are my everything. You are my light, my love, my laughter, my breath, my tears and my joy. You are the love of my life and I am beyond proud to be your mummy.

My heart is full.

Happy birthday my sweet baby boy.

K xx


2 thoughts on “Three

  1. Happiest Birthday to the super-cutest (it is a word-I made it up) 3 year old I know. You have made me snort (I admit it 😝) with laughter at your antics. For such a young kid you have a massive personality. It’s a pleasure to be your Aunty Trishy xx

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