The situation in Bali seems to have the many across the country divided. I for one am heavy with sadness.

I’ve seen so many messages of support and love and sadness, and I’ve also seen the messages from those who say Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran deserved the ending they received.

I’d like to say I am very anti-drugs. I do not condone them and I, like many, am frustrated at just how vast the problem is. I have seen how they can destroy lives and families and even communities, and I worry for my boys as they get older. I also completely understand that each country has their own laws and rules and justice system. 

10 years ago, two boys made a stupid choice and a huge mistake. A massive mistake. A mistake that could have harmed others, ruined lives and worse. They were caught and they were punished. They were sentenced to death. Ten years ago.

As a mother of two boys, as the ex wife of a gambling addict who also had his issues with drugs, as a woman who visited him in a rehab facility for 9 months and met various people affected by drugs, I am very pro-rehabilitation.

If you had a loved one affected, in any way, by drugs wouldn’t you want them to turn their lives around? If they had done the wrong thing, sure they should face the consequences but don’t we want them to learn from their mistakes? Wouldn’t we hope that they could overcome it all and get better and stronger and live full lives, free of the troubles that weighed down on them so heavily?

This isn’t possible for everyone, but it is for some.

Andrew and Myruran spent 10 years trying to make amends, trying to become better people. They wanted to be better, to do good, to learn from their mistakes, to help others. After 10 years, they were rehabilitated. As it was stated today, rehabilitation is a fundamental aspect of a successful prison system. The prison that sheltered these two men did just that. They did something that so many jails across the world can only imagine achieving successfully.

Other than punishment, isn’t rehabilitation the goal? Again, I understand that the Balinese justice system set their consequences. I am not saying they should have been released either.

They just shouldn’t have been killed.

After 10 long years in jail, they turned their lives around and instead of this achievement being recognised in some way, they were lead through the dark in the middle of the night to a field and shot. Like it was all for nothing.

It is senseless. It is cruel. It is unfathomable.

Obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinion on this but my heart aches for their families. The anguish we witnessed across a multitude of news stories is a pain that nobody should ever have to suffer. Ever.

It’s just too sad.

K xx


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