Check it out: Zee & Friends


I personally think grown ups should have their own teepee’s. I’d love it. My own little hidey spot for some peace and time out. Why don’t I have one? I’d probably have to share it, that’s why 😉

Zee & Friends is a Sydney based business started by friends with a sewing machine, passion and a whole lotta love. Each teepee is handmade and names after it’s new little owner. They offer a range of colours and patterns and can even create bunting, cushions and floor mats to finish off the look.

Here’s some of my picks from the site:

Zee and Friends

First row

Bat is Sleeping Print – from $20.00 (A4)

Swiss Cross Play Tent – $199.00

Taiis Teepee – $249.00

Second row

Sebastian Teepee – $249.00

Marcus Play Tent – $129.00

Felt Ball Garland – $29.95

Whether it’s for a picnic outside or playtime inside (or a hideout in your room) these are gorgeous!

Happy hunting,

K xx

* Remember to visit the site to view the full range and available sizes, postage info, terms and conditions. Raising Misters loves to find things for your misters, however, I cannot take any responsibility if you are not happy with items you may purchase or service you receive on other websites that you may have seen here. All images are from their website and all info is correct at the time of posting. This is not a sponsored post, just sharing the love 🙂


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