Please help my “friend”……

Please help my %22friend%22

I have a “friend” that needs your help. She’s a mama of two boys (what a coincidence!) and she’s really lovely, awesome even! This “friend” is having the occasional problem at dinner time. By occasional I mean every night and by problem I mean Oscar-worthy drama. 

Most kids are fussy eaters. Vegetables are the enemy, food that doesn’t come in a take away bag is poisonous, “you’re the meanest mum ever” and all that. Then there’s the tiny humans that enjoy all of the foods and happily sit down and enjoy each meal and even try something new occasionally. These ones are like unicorns – I’ve never seen one but I know they’re out there.

Anyway, my “friend” is in the former category. Her boys are pains in the ass at dinner time. Foods they used to love, they now hate. They act like HAZMAT suits are required to be worn around all vegetables. They’ll take one millisecond glance and immediately determine that they actually have poop in a bowl disguised as dinner. They’re beginning to excel at night time rounds of ‘last man standing’ and will sit and stare and sulk for an hour until my “friend” cracks it and tells them to leave the table because she’ll throw cutlery if she hears one more exaggerated sigh.

My “friend” has to incorporate her youngest sons wheat allergy, would like to make meals as healthy as possible (without going overboard) and most nights she just doesn’t have the time or energy to decorate plates and craft a pirate ship out of a steak to please her precious boys. She has tried exciting meals, fun meals, asked for their input, had them pick ingredients from the Coles/Woolies catalogue, even cooked things from the Jamie Oliver books at her eldest’s insistence. She has special plates, they’ve had picnics in the lounge, she’s encouraged them to help with the preparation and/or cooking. She’s resorted to threats and bribery and consequences and the good old “you’ll get it for breakfast”. Still, 90% of the time they still won’t finish a meal.

Truth be told, it’s the eldest that needs the convincing. The littlest will eat pretty much anything but then sees the eldest being a punish and follows suit. Having said that, the little one isn’t much of a meat eater.

So, my “friend” would really appreciate your help. She’s had enough of every mealtime ending in tears and tantrums and yelling (all from her). Before she gives up on cooking altogether and simply erects a trough outside for them, she’d like to know what meals your kids love and the magic tricks you use to get them to eat. And she probably doesn’t want to know if you have one of those mystical unicorns that just eats all their meals perfectly…. 😉

Thank you in advance from my “friend”.

K xx


2 thoughts on “Please help my “friend”……

  1. I’m sorry to say I don’t have the magical answer your ‘friend’ would like. I also have 2 boys (coincidence, I think not). My oldest is dairy, wheat, egg and lots more free. My youngest has no issues other than stubbornness. All was great with both of mine, expect the allergies, until they turned 4 and since then…… lets just say I feel your ‘friends’ pain. That being said my oldest now 11 eats veggies but does my head in with his complaints that the meat/chicken is burnt. NO CHILD, WHEN ITS COOKED IT GETS A COLOUR. My youngest ate salmon the other day off my plate, I was full of praise and let him have it while I ate vegemite toast later. So silly me cooked the same meal the next night for him but no, in 24 hours he had decided fish wasn’t for him after all.
    I have also tried hiding food to the point where my youngest could pick out with his tongue a tiny piece of finely grated carrot from a meatball. A fun party trick but seriously kid not helpful.
    In the end the best advice I can give is persist when you are up to it, figure out meals that can be adapted to everyone, wait them out and figure out your kids.
    My oldest would eat the same boring and bland dinner meal for a month happily, he also is a horrible breakfast eater. My youngest would hate the same thing 2 days in a row, is an amazing breakfast eater but dinner without cheese is his nemesis. The stronger the parmesan cheese the better.
    Our adapt meal is hamburgers with lean mince when I’m ready to scream. Oldest has his with gluten free bread, soy cheese, lettuce and cucumber. Youngest has his with slivers of lettuce and tomato and cheese, eat more lettuce get more cheese. I have mine with things I like. Not the greatest but better than processed food.
    They say kids won’t starve but mine sure can give it a try.
    Sorry I haven’t been too helpful despite lengthy reply.

    • You’re awesome, my “friend” loves your message 🙂 That must have been bloody hard to try and adapt at mealtimes with the allergies! Thank you for messaging – hamburger are going on my list xx

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