Friday Finds – Colouring for grown ups


I (sometimes) like to think I’m creative. I have loads of ideas, love to write, I enjoy photography and can walk into different situations and see what needs to be done to fix/repair/update/pretty it up. My levels of creativity, however, do not extend to crafty or artsy tasks (ie. Easter bonnet/hat/thingo making, painting, etc). Add to that, the fact that I have the patience of an overtired toddler – non existent.

When I was younger, I didn’t mind colouring in. The fact that I couldn’t get it done in a couple of minutes meant I’d get over it really quickly. I clearly didn’t appreciate it enough.

A little while ago, a beautiful friend of mine had spoken about colouring books for grown ups. It’s a big thing! Honestly, I thought it was a weird idea at first, possibly even rolled my eyes. Then I kind of warmed to it and thought it was a good idea, but probably not one I’d get into. Then Trudie was lovely enough to buy me a little book of my own.

Colouring 1

{Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford}

For a bajillion reasons, it’s been sitting untouched on my desk for a little while now. A couple of weeks ago after my misters wouldn’t share their colouring in stuff with me, I went to the shops and bought my own pencils (so there!) and sat down with my book after they went to bed and started colouring in. And I loved it.

colouring 2

{The Mandalas Colouring Book by Beverley Lawson)

So what is it about these books? 

Sure, it’s nice to be able to rub it in show your kids what real, in-the-lines colouring in looks like, but for me, it’s a silencer. My mind runs at a million miles a minute and I have to fight to change the channel in my head or just switch it all off. When I’ve got my colouring bits out and I’m shading in a pattern, everything else is quiet (except for my inner nagging telling me I should have picked a different colour). I can switch off, even just for a little while.

This whole colouring thing is different things for different people. For me it’s a silencer, for others it’s purely an outlet, or a stress reliever or a detox from our hectic lives. It’s kinda awesome.

Where can you get them from?

The pictures inside my book are quite detailed and varied in design. And there’s not a superhero in sight!

You can buy your very own book for most good bookstores or online stores like Booktopia or the Book Depository.

Do you have your own colouring books? What do you love about them?

Kate xx

PS. If you love all things vintage, be sure to check out my friend Trudie’s gorgeous blog – My Vintage Childhood and her Etsy store here.


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