The day has arrived……

The day has arrived

What day, you say?

Thursday? Yes.

The last day of the school term? Ok (bugger it)

The day the supermarkets go all armageddon-ish because they’re closing for one whole day on Friday. Yup.

But it’s also THE day. It’s Easter Bonnet/Hat/Thingo Parade day.

I sat down with my smallest human yesterday and we stickerered and taped and stapled the bejeezus out of the hat I bought. Yes, bought. I did not even “make” a hat this year. In my defence the hat was plain and we bought the stuff to decorate it with. Also in my defence, I thought I would spare him the Edward Scissorhands style facial paper cuts my homemade cardboard hats usually inflict.

IMG_3877 2

It is as craptastic as I thought it would be but we’re super proud. Why?

  1. It’s blue – his favourite colour (along withย theย other 46 colours that are his “favourites”).
  2. It’s got stickers and bits all over it, lovingly placed in 3.7 seconds so he could get back to playing the Wii/licking the remote.
  3. It’s got double sided tape and ripped bits of paper on the top. I don’t really know why.
  4. It’s incredibly ‘Strayan with it’s hanging baubles, a la the good old Aussie cork hat.
    (Downside to the ‘Straya look = he’s walking around yelling “I have dangly blue balls” closely followed by “TOUCH THEM!”…… could get awkward.)

IMG_3878 2

Hey, it’s Eastery, it’s Strayan, he’s happy, I’m happy (that I don’t have to wear it).

It’s not the best but it won’t be the worst and it’s not a competition.

If it was I would have tried harder.


K xx


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