The Easter bonnet/hat/thing

I received a terrifying email this week from my littlest mister’s kindy. It contained words that cause fear and stress and sweaty palms.

“Please make an Easter bonnet for the parade”. 

I’m sorry, “make”? I wanted to email them back and tell them that if by “make” they meant “just send your child in a random old cap or bike helmet”, then we’re all in.

That’s not what they meant. 

My craft skills are shite. I have great ideas but something is broken somewhere between my ideas and my craft making hands. Sure, the boys are usually happy with the end results and I’m supposed to say “that’s all that matters”. What crap. My inner voice screams at me each time I send a child somewhere in my “craft” and I watch them walk away into the distance looking like a Pinterest fail poster.

I remember being at my eldest’s parade when he was at kindy a few years ago. He was wearing some bunny ears I’d made with cheap cardboard and cotton balls, covered in Jack’s own Easter drawings. The blue cardboard (because that’s the colour of bunnies….) was so dodgy that as Jack made his way around the parade the ears had flopped directly over his eyes and he was bumping into the kid in front. I smiled and told everyone he made it himself…..

I also sat there looking at at the other bonnets/hats/things that other parents had made. Some were worse than mine (thankfully) and others had been painstakingly glittered and glued and coloured and cut and pasted for weeks in advance. I watched those mothers that had spent a bajillion dollars and 423 hours on the bonnet/hat/thing and thought ‘show offs”, as I desperately tried to signal to my child to fix his blue drunken bunny ears/eye patches.

Good times.

So here we are again. Easter bonnet making time. Awesome. I’ll be sure to post a photo of the end result. It’ll be great.

K x


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