Weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up

Here we are again, another week down. As I sit here waiting for a packet of hair colour to work it’s magic, I really feel like this year seems to be speeding by way too fast!

It’s been another busy one for us with work and school and kindy, more wheat free baking (help me!), Jack won an award at school and Hayden’s wreaking havoc at kindy. I went along and watched a friend’s first game of rugby on Saturday (I know nothing but cheered along at all the right moments 🙂 ) and also caught up with another friend who has been quite unwell lately. He, and his beautiful wife, truly amaze me and really made me remember to be grateful for what I have. And that a positive outlook on life counts for so, so much.

Here’s a wrap up from Raising Misters this week:

Monday: Lessons learned when I had a baby

Tuesday: Check it out – awesome makeup find for the mums

Wednesday: How it works

Thursday: Check it out – All Wrapped Up

Friday: Friday Finds

And for those who asked, here is the recipe for the Gluten Free Buckwheat Bread I baked for Hayden (and it doesn’t taste like shite!).

My head is burning so I think I need to wash out this hair colour…..

Have a beautiful Sunday,

K xx


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