Weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up

Good Morning!

How has your week been?

This week was one of those weeks that seem to take no time at all to finish. I had a lot of things I needed to get done and before I knew it, the week was over!

I did still manage to cram a fair bit it – hospital visit last Sunday night for my littlest mister (looooonnngggg story), had to call my new bosses to ask for Monday off (my 4th day at my new job) to look after one injured mister and one unwell mister, worked on Tuesday, took my car in for repairs on Wednesday, worked a half day Thursday (love an early mark!) then did the groceries (which never seems to end!!), Friday was filled with appointments for the boys, Saturday was swimming and a coffee with friends, and today the boys and I are off for a visit to nana’s and I’m going to take Jack out for lunch as I don’t really get any time alone with my eldest baby.

Here’s what happened over on Raising Misters:

Monday: we met BBGS, offering cool clothes for even cooler kids!

Tuesday: Some footy players and other sporting heroes seem to be on a downward spiral and I’d like to know where are their people?

Thursday: time to get a little Chi Khi!

Friday: Need a little help quietening your mind? Buddhify will help.

Saturday: Sales, bargains and discounts galore in this week’s sale alert!

I hope you’ve had a lovely week and you enjoy the next one!

K xx






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