Check it out: creativity and sentence help


I recently had a Parent/Teacher interview with Jack’s teacher (aka the “you haven’t broken your kid, well done you” meeting). Continue reading


Our home – a sneaky peak

My little misters and I live on the Gold Coast, about 20 minutes or so from the water and about 30 seconds from the nearest forest. It’s such great area and I love that we can hop in the car and drive north to the bustling city,  south to the beautiful beachy suburbs or leafy valleys, east to more beaches or west to the sweeping mountains.

We’ve rented our little two-storey townhouse for two years this week. It has its issues (mainly spiders) and I feel like we live in each others pockets most days, but this place signified a fresh start for us.  Continue reading

Up early, by choice!

I was up at sparrows this morning. I mean really early. By choice!

It’s my weekend without my boys and needed to get up and going and keep myself entertained. I jumped out of bed at 5am (that’s a lie, I rolled out, groaning), threw on some clothes, inhaled some coffee and headed off to a farmers market that has recently opened nearby. Continue reading

The Easter bonnet/hat/thing

I received a terrifying email this week from my littlest mister’s kindy. It contained words that cause fear and stress and sweaty palms.

“Please make an Easter bonnet for the parade”. 

I’m sorry, “make”? I wanted to email them back and tell them that if by “make” they meant “just send your child in a random old cap or bike helmet”, then we’re all in.

That’s not what they meant.  Continue reading

Check it out: #mumlifeproject


Here’s an understatement for you. Being a mum is a tough gig.

It can be the best thing, the hardest thing, the thing that makes you cry the most, love the hardest and the thing that makes you question and second guess everything. It can make you dance with joy one minute, then run and hide in a park with a bottle/box of something cheap and nasty (just me?) the next. It can bring the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It can be imperfectly perfect. Continue reading