Weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up

Happy Sunday!

How was your week? Anything exciting happen? Something funny maybe? Anything good, bag or ugly perhaps?

If you’re in QLD, I hope you made it through the awful weather relatively unscathed and that you and your loved ones are safe.

I’ve had a big couple of weeks. I quit my job, for starters. I did love my job but it was a fair drive to and from work each day – when the traffic was hectic I’d be in the car for around 3hrs each day. Considering I technically only work 5hrs each day, it was getting a bit much. So, I quit.

I took a few days off for myself, then dealt with a bajillion things and started applying for part time work closer to home. I had an interview last Monday and by Thursday I had a new job! Yay me! I start on Monday and I’m really looking forward to it.

If you missed any of the posts during the week, here they are:

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Monday: Don’t eat your wheaties

Tuesday: To plan or not to plan – I still need your help with this by the way!

Wednesday: The new(ish) bedroom

Friday: Check it out: Bedroom bits from Kmart

Friday: Friday Finds

Saturday: Tag team

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend,

K xx







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