Tag team

I, like any mother, adore my boys beyond words. They are funny and sweet and affectionate and clever and kind. And sometimes, they drive me bat shit crazy.

There is no shame in admitting that your darling little people can be total pains in the ass sometimes. It’s also totally acceptable to deny all responsibility. I am raising sweet and lovely little boys. Anything else they’ve picked up along the way must have totally come from somewhere else….;-)

At the moment, the eldest is going through some stuff and he’s cranky and moody and a pure delight to be around (that last part was a lie). As a result, the littlest mister sees his brother being a punish and obviously thinks “being a jerk looks like fun”, and they tag team the crap behaviour. All day long.

I’ve given up on giving them a time out, and give myself a time out instead. It works out well. They can scream and rant and throw lego and Wii remotes at each other as much as they like, while I sit in my bedroom pretending I can’t hear them.

I should put a bar fridge in my room…..

Anyway, I love that they hang out together. I adore the fact that they’re buddies (most of the time). I do not, however, enjoy the fact that they both team up and wreak havoc at the same time. They bounce off each other. It’s awesome.

Sometimes I get mad, sometimes I’ll go and hide and have a cry, other times I end up in fits of laughter. Like the other afternoon when my eldest was screaming his new daily mantra of “I hate you and I hate this house” at the top of his lungs. The littlest mister thought “sweet, yelling!” and decides to join in, only he has no idea what’s happening and is just shouting random words and noises. All you could hear coming from my house was a weird combination of high pitched screams from both of them – “I hate you, CARS, I hate this house, HOUSES, I hate my things, TEA TIME, I hate my toys, OUTSIDE, I hate everything in my room, MY FACE IS ITCHY”….. I was in tears from laughing so hard.

Do your little darling mini humans like to tag team? How do you deal with it?

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room hiding.

K xx


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