The new(ish) bedroom

Remember I told you that I was going to surprise my eldest mister, Jack, with a little bedroom makeover for his 6th birthday? (You can read about the plans here.) Well, I finished. And he loves it 🙂





Initially, I felt slightly limited by the fact that we rent our townhouse. I couldn’t paint or put too many hooks in the walls, I wasn’t able to change lighting or curtains or any main fixtures. So it was all about the bits and pieces.

Jack loves learning. My little nerdy pants loves maps and exploring and fossils and space, so I thought it appropriate to go with an “adventurer’s” theme. Over the past few months I’ve collected all sorts of things to add to his room. I should really have hidden them all in once place though because I still can’t find the lamp I bought for his desk….

Combine the “renter” obstacle with the fact I am my own worst critic. The pictures in my mind couldn’t really be done (or I’d get in trouble with the real estate) and I was probably never going to be happy with what I did end up with. I even text a picture of the finished product to my mum asking her if it was totally boring!


{My lucky boy was given a laptop as an extra special birthday gift from his amazing Uncle Robbie}

I had a full day to get it all done before he came home on the Sunday afternoon. I’d sat down and organised everything the night before that needed to be built, unwrapped and set up, so I was ready to go bright and early. Some things , however, I didn’t think through….

I had to put together his Ikea desk. I have the same desk in white so I knew how to put it all together. I went to grab the box out of its hiding space and quickly remembered how bloody heavy the box was. It took me forever to drag the stupid thing into the house. Once I finally got it in inside, I stared at the staircase with a rage like no other. There was no way I could get the box upstairs. So, being the bright spark that I am, I began to build the desk in my living room…… You can see where this is going, right?


{I love this chair. I love it even more because it cost me $10.00!!)

After an hour and a half of screwing teeny tiny stupid screw things into holes that were too small and translating the “instructions” that consisted only of stick figures drawn by some Scandinavian kid up the back of the Ikea office somewhere, I admired my handiwork.

Then I remember the staircase.

I’m an idiot.

Apparently the box was too heavy to cart up the stairs but the fully built desk was going to be waaaayyyy easier.

I hated myself a little at this point.

Then my inner voice (the idiotic stubborn one) was screeching “I can do it myself” and so I actually attempted to drag a desk up a staircase. On my own.


Long story short, I dropped the desk on my foot which was then bleeding everywhere and with no spare hands I could’t do anything about it. My foot was numb and I soon realised about midway up the stairs that I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go up, I couldn’t go down and I couldn’t let go. I ended up having to beg Siri (after I leant on the button with my nose) to call my neighbour (that I hardly talk to) to rescue me from the middle of stairs while I clung to the stupid bloody desk for dear life. He laughed at me. I was mortified.

Anyway, I put it all together and was somewhat happy with the rooml. Then I got a bit sad that Jack no longer had a little boys room. He really is growing up.


{The mason jar filled is filled with some of the shells we collect each time we visit the beach}

His birthday was on the Monday so he slept in my room Sunday night so he could wake up and have the big surprise in the morning. When he walked in he was speechless and quite overwhelmed. He didn’t know where to look first but walked around looking at and touching everything with the biggest smile. 

I’m no interior designer. I had a bit of a tightass to work with and it’s not super spectacular but….he loves it. And that’s all that matters to me 🙂

K xx





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