Healthy snack balls


I mentioned last week that we recently found out that my littlest mister, Hayden, has a wheat allergy. Not only has it meant that I’ve had to go through my entire pantry (needed a clean out anyway), but thanks to the gluten free grocery items costing a small fortune, I’ve had to start baking. BAKING!!

I have bought things that I didn’t think I’d ever even say, let alone purchase – tapioca flower, rice malt syrup, bird seed (ok, not actually bird seed but I’m fairly sure if you had a budgie it’d be well fed). Continue reading


Check it out: Etsy

I love markets. LOVE them. There’s something about spending hours slowly winding your way around the stalls, admiring the varying assortment of treasures.

Now imagine a marketplace filled to the brim with amazingly creative people from all over world, each sharing their unique goods, things you would have an almost impossible time finding anywhere else. Now imagine all of these things coming to you, available anytime?!

Get out of town, you say!

I will not.

That’s EtsyContinue reading

Tips and rules for winning at life

Tips and rules

My grandmother, Judy, is full of “helpful” hints to help us all win at life. For example,

Always have spare undies in your bag in case you get hit by a bus.
I’ve never quite figured this one out but it’s been drummed into us for years.

Putting shoes on any table is bad luck.
Not sure why, it just is. So take your shoes off the table.

Everyone else’s sauces are boring, bring your own and sneak it onto any meal.
And she does. It’s just not a meal without her whipping out her suspect little containers.

If the amount of sugar you like in your coffee makes others roll their eyes, use as many sachets as you want and dump the empty packets on their plates/saucers so the waiter will judge them and not you.
Happens all.the.time.

She’s a wealth of knowledge that one 🙂 Continue reading

Tag team

I, like any mother, adore my boys beyond words. They are funny and sweet and affectionate and clever and kind. And sometimes, they drive me bat shit crazy.

There is no shame in admitting that your darling little people can be total pains in the ass sometimes. It’s also totally acceptable to deny all responsibility. I am raising sweet and lovely little boys. Anything else they’ve picked up along the way must have totally come from somewhere else….;-) Continue reading