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A lovely follower recently contacted me requesting information on apps for different age groups. Now I understand that some people are against their children having iPads and iPods and iPhones, and I get it and it’s totally your choice. Each to their own, I say. Remember, we don’t get judgy here 🙂

My boys have an iPad. They were incredibly lucky to be given an iPad by their amazing Uncle Robbie. We received one when Jack was around two years old and another one just this past Christmas. We have rules as far as “screen time” goes.

  • The iPads are not for all day use. They have “screen time” for perhaps 30 minutes to an hour during week days and maybe a little longer on the weekend. Surprisingly, there are days when they don’t even ask for them!
  • The iPads do not get touched until jobs are done, rooms are tidy and they are ready to go (if we’re heading out). If they do not take care of it (ie. keep it in its case and store it in the drawer), it is taken away for a period of time. The same consequence applies if they do not share them fairly or if there is poor behaviour.
  • There are absolutely no games at the meal table and they aren’t touched after 4:30pm so they have time to clean up and wind down before dinner.
  • The games they have are age appropriate and the majority of games on their iPads are lots of fun but also educational. I want them to think a little while they’re playing and not just go all zombie-like. I’m also really not big on guns and shooting games so we don’t have any of those at the moment.
  • Most of these rules apply to their Wii (yep, they have one of those too). The exception with this one is they don’t get to play this during a school week, only on weekends or school holidays.

And yes, I do hand them the iPad if we’re out and I want them to be quiet. They’re happy. I’m happy. It’s a win-win for us.

Some of you may not like electronics for your children at all. We may all disagree with each other in certain points but like I said, each to their own. That’s the beauty of having your own children – you can deal with these things as you wish 🙂

So, below are some cool apps for different age groups (age groups determined by Apple on the App Store). My apologies, this refers to Apple only, not Android (sorry!). Some of these we have and some we don’t but I quite like the look of them. Some are compatible with iPhones, some with iPads, some with both.

Ages 0-5

The Sight Word Adventure – by Seven Academy – $2.99

Endless Wordplay – by Originator Inc. – FREE

Quick Maths Jr. – by Shiny Things – $3.79

Care Bears: Wish Upon a Cloud – by Budge Studios – FREE

Nighty Night! The Bedtime Story App – by Fox and Sheep GmbH – $3.99


Ages 6-8

This is my Weather: Meteorology for Kids – by urban; pockets – $3.99

Typic Kids: Fun Photo Editor – by Hi Mom S.A.S – $2.49

DreamWorks Press: Dragons – by DreamWorks Animation – $3.79

Lumio Farm Factor: Multiply and Divide – by Lighthouse Learning – FREE

Planes: Storybook Deluxe – by Disney – $3.79


Ages 9-11

The LEGO Movie Video Game – by Warner Bros. – $6.49

Inventioneers – by Filimundus AB – FREE

My Incredible Body- by Visible Body – $6.49

Motion Math: Pizza! – by Motion Math – $4.99

Move the Turtle: Programming for Kids – by Next is Great – $3.79


We’ve also enjoyed Interactive Telling Time Lite (here), Reading Eggs Site Words Eggy 100 (here), Four in a Row (here) and good old Fruit Ninja (here).

If you visit the App Store, you can search for free apps and at times, they reduce the price of awesome apps to be free for a short amount of time! Keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Do you have electronics in your home? What are your rules with them? Do you have a favourite app?

Kate xx




*prices as at 28.1.14. Not sponsored, just sharing 🙂







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