Weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up

Another week of scorching heat and sweat mo inducing humidity. And frizzy hair. And red face. And then we had so much rain in 24hrs people were swimming in the streets.

Good times.

How’s the weather been where you are? Hot, cold, snowing (I hate you), or were you lucky enough to have facial leaking temperatures too?

I’m on holidays this week (and still have one more week to go!). It’s actually been really nice to A) have a break from the crazy morning rush of getting the three of us ready and off on time, and B) to spend some much needed one-on-one time with my eldest.

On Monday I joined the masses of other “over it” mums as I went school shoe shopping. Tuesday we headed off to Brisbane to get some culture into us at the museum, art gallery and state library. Wednesday we caught up with some school friends and the kids played while us frazzled mama’s enjoyed a coffee and a chat (and a whinge). Thursday my boy and I went out to lunch and Friday was a boring errand day.

Jack - my lunch date

{my super handsome lunch date}

Here’s what happened on the blog:

Monday: introducing Hunters and Gatherers Bazaar – a gorgeous site filled with gorgeous things for everyone!

Tuesday: you know how sometimes you can smell or taste or hear something and it takes you right back to a memory? Frangipani flowers do that for me, here’s what they remind me of.

Thursday: have you met Review Zoo?

Friday: in this week’s Friday Finds I show you 5 books on my “to buy” list for the misters.

Saturday: what’s on sale!!??

I hope you’ve had an amazing week (minus the mo) and I hope this week is even better (still, minus the mo).

K xx







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