Check it out: The adventurer’s room

adventures bedroom pic copy


My eldest mister’s 6th birthday is fast approaching. SIX!!!???? Give me a minute to try and accept that fact….

I decided this year, I would give his bedroom a little makeover. As we’re renting, I was finding it tricky to come up with ideas to give his room a new look using only decor and furniture, and perhaps a wall hanging of some sort.

Jack (the mister), is my little nerdy pants. He loves learning and reading and science and exploring. L.O.V.E.S it. So, I decided to try an “adventurer” theme and I’ve been on the hunt for bits and pieces over the past few months.

Here’s the before shot.


Boring right? And I totally could have taken a photo of a “clean” room but hey, I’m just keeping it real 😉

He obviously already has a bed (I know, how thoughtful and I). It’s actually part of a bunk bed with the other half living in his brother’s room. I recently purchased the bookshelf from Ikea (you can see it here) and I bought a desk (here) at the same time and have been storing it in the garage ready for the birthday makeover.

So what else have I collected so far:

  • Euro Map Quilt Cover set: I actually got ours on special from Catch Of The Day but you can also get one from My Linen.
  • Vintage look world map canvas from Target for $40.00
  • LED Lantern from Kmart for approximately $12.00
  • Smithsonian 40mm Refractor Telescope with Tripod from Catch Of The Day for $29.99
  • Geoworld Dino Excavation Kit from Catch Of The Day for $9.99
  • Lucky Lanterns from Typo for $19.99 (kinda globe shaped!)
  • Collins Metal Desk Lamp for $20.00 from Target
  • I also have a little wooden pencil box and a compass, both for under $10 each from Kmart

What else?

  • I spotted the set of 4 mason jars from Typo. I thought I could make them into little specimen jars or fill one or two with shells that the boys and I collect each time we visit the beach (it’s our “thing”).
  • The sweet little journal is super cute and on sale for $12.50 at Typo
  • I’m loving the Adventure is Out There print from Wanderlust25PaperCo on Etsy for $13.79
  • I’m also going to some second hand / Op shops soon to see if I can find any other little bits to place on his shelf as well as some books and maps.
  • A chair for the desk. I’m not exactly going to make him stand up all the time am I?! I’m also under no illusion that buying him a swivel chair with wheels will result in races, not homework and stuff getting done. I’ve been eyeing off this one from Fantastic Furniture.

Once it’s all done (early Feb) I’ll do a room reveal for you!

What do you think? What else would you put in a little adventurers bedroom?

K xx






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