Weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up

Happy Sunday! How’s your week been? Anything interesting?

Ours was pretty uneventful: work, tantrums, work, day off, errands, tantrums (mine), more “special” matches on the dating website, catching up with friends, work, friends house for dinner even after she looked after the eldest mister all day, explained in an email to someone that I write a blog called Raising Misers, had to email back to explain I’m not raising tiny tight asses and that I’d left the “t” out of the last word, swimming lessons, not enough sleep. You know, the usual.

It was an exciting start to the week on Raising MisTers too with our special guest, Sophie, from Small to TALL. I really enjoyed getting to know the lovely Sophie a little more, and I really do love her range of clothing on the Small to Tall website. You can read all about it here.

On Tuesday I shared all the “fun” of the dating website. If you need a laugh, at my expense, read it here.

Wednesday was my day off work. It was a rainy miserable day, the type when all you want to do is stay at home in your pj’s. Instead, I dragged the boys to a doctors appointment for Hayden, my littlest, to learn that he has a food allergy. We’re currently undertaking a process of elimination, trying to work out whether it’s milk or wheat that’s causing the problem. Not having had to deal with a food allergy, unless you count my “food allergy” (every time I eat my muffin top increases in size, it’s sad really) I never realised just how bloody expensive lactose and gluten free crap is!

Thursday’s Check it Out post was all about Tumble ‘N Dry, an awesome site offering fantastic clothing for the misters.

We ended the working week with Friday Finds – a great article I found written by a mum of three misters.

The latest sales were featured on Saturday.

I hope you’ve had a lovely week!

K xx


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