Friday Finds – The art of raising boys


Being a mum of two boys is so many things. It’s a constant 100 mile a minute ride, filled with side splitting laughs, tough lessons, pure joy, heart aching lows, and so much love.

Being a single mum of boys is “interesting”. I’m constantly learning to do a two person job. Some days are good, some days I suck. I’ve had to teach them how to pee straight, ride a scooter, ride a bike, learn to talk and read, how to clean your room and to be nice to girls. Each one is still a work in progress 🙂


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I came across this article by Lauren Knight about her experiences with raising her three sons. It’s a great read. The article is featured on the Raising Boys website – a must for anyone responsible for misters. The site features many read-worthy articles, videos, links to books, and information all related to raising and educating boys.

K xx


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