Friday Finds: all kinds of yuck


This week’s Friday Finds is all about finding out what makes you say “yucks”.

I don’t touch the magazines at the doctors. I don’t let the boys touch the books there either. Or the toys.

Can anyone say “germaphobe”? Continue reading


Check it out: Apps for age groups

Raising Misters crown

A lovely follower recently contacted me requesting information on apps for different age groups. Now I understand that some people are against their children having iPads and iPods and iPhones, and I get it and it’s totally your choice. Each to their own, I say. Remember, we don’t get judgy here πŸ™‚ Continue reading

Australia Day


I spent New Year’s Eve with my little misters in Brisbane. We treated ourselves to a stay in a fancy hotel, swam in the pool, drank from pretty glasses and had a yummy dinner. Afterwards, we headed down to the river to watch the early fireworks.

It was incredibly busy and as we waited patiently for the light show to begin, I noticed the hundreds, if not thousands of families all doing the same. Each had their own little spot with rugs and chairs and snacks. Everyone was smiling. It was nice. Continue reading

Weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up

Another week of scorching heat and sweat mo inducing humidity. And frizzy hair. And red face. And then we had so much rain in 24hrs people were swimming in the streets.

Good times.

How’s the weather been where you are? Hot, cold, snowing (I hate you), or were you lucky enough to have facial leaking temperatures too? Continue reading