The book list

I love books. I love jumping into another world or someone else’s life, just for a little while. I love getting so absorbed in a story that a part of you is a little upset when it’s over.

I like most genres, although I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi or those romance novels (Mills & Boon anyone?). Like my music, I have an eclectic mix of books on my shelf. And like my music, what I choose to read depends on my mood.

I used to read all the time. My friend (/sister from another mister) Trish can read a whole book in one sitting. I have never known anyone to read as much as she does. I’ve found though, since I’ve had kids my reading time (of grown up books) has slowly disappeared. I have to read in silence. Trish could read while a concert was blaring behind her and 50 people were talking in front of her and she’s never miss a word of the story!

The only real time I can read is after the boys have gone to bed. By then, however, my brain has shut down for the day and I’m in total veg mode. If I pick up a book, I’ll soon find I’ve read the same paragraph 14 times. My mind begins to leave the story and start planning shopping lists and things I need to get done in the coming days. The book gets forgotten. And then I go to sleep.

As a result, this is the pile of unread books I have in my bedside table. There is also another pile on my bookshelf. I have now placed a self imposed ban on myself – no more books until I’ve read the ones I have!


This is an interesting pile of books. It’s a mix of conspiracy and sex, love and epic journeys, diets and life lessons, war and friendship. I need to get reading!

What’s your favourite book? Do you have a “to read” pile?

And who wouldn’t want a little nook like these to curl up in!?!


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2 thoughts on “The book list

  1. You know me so well my friend. It is unfortunate that I’ve had to purchase gifts for others due to the merriment soon to be thrust upon us known as Christmas, that the past week has only seen 3 books fall in my “been there, read that” pile! All I can say about your appalling reading regime is thankfully I’m not waiting for you to finish a book and return it to the library!

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