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The days seem to be going faster as we count down to Christmas. Here’s some sales to help with your shopping! Continue reading


The balls and the stuff

We’re all busy. We’ve all got stuff. We have work stuff, mum stuff, kid stuff, family stuff, school and kindy stuff, Christmas stuff, bills and budget stuff, stuff stuff and more stuff.  Continue reading

Friday Finds

Firday Finds


This week’s Friday Finds is dedicated to finding the positives.

I was forced into the dark ages for the past week (ok, a tad dramatic) when my internet was taken out by a lightening strike. How did we manage without the internet?? Anyway, at the beginning of the month I said I was going to find a positive each day. I’ve kinda sucked at that so today I will list some happy bits for the month so far.  Continue reading

Lightening does strike twice…

So whoever said lightening doesn’t strike twice is a fibber.

For the second time this year a big old bolt of lightening has fried my modem and phone leaving me internet-less. Either my house is a giant lightening rod or I was super naughty in a past life 😉

Such a first world problem, I know. I’m grateful that’s all the lightening affected.

I’ve organised a new modem but it will still be another couple of days (or in internet-less time, for-bloody-ever). I’m on limited internet (on my prepaid mobile) until then so I can’t post much and will stick with Facebook for the time being.

Back soon (again),
K xx

The nice list

7 weeks…….. 49 days…….. A bajillion hours…… (I couldn’t be bothered working that one out). That’s how long we have left until Christmas. CHRISTMAS!!!

With only 7 weekends left to deal with crazed, trolley ramming, grabby Christmas shoppers, some of us need a little help figuring out who is getting what. So, are you a list writer? Do you have a super organised folder of gift giving details? Do you use an app? Here’s some ideas that may help save you from the last minute frantic rush at the shops:

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Get organised!

Most households are hectic, with each day filled with something important that we need to remember or plan for. There’s work, school, kindy, meetings, dancing, footy, running, soccer, swimming, play dates, appointments, hobbies, birthdays, events, bills to pay, groceries to buy and gifts to think of. Phew! So how do we keep the family organised? Continue reading