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The little blue book is your very own place to visit when you need to find something, anything, for your little mister. You can find it here.

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The show – 5 fun facts

my ferris wheel

I took my boys to the Gold Coast Show yesterday. When I woke up in the morning, I had no intention of going. At all. I don’t love crowds and I’ve found myself turning into a bit of a germ-a-phobe and there’s almost always an outbreak of something at those things. It also costs a bucket load of cash and I only have enough to fill a small pocket, not a bucket.

For whatever reason, I decided to lash out. To be spontaneous. Go me! So we showered and dressed. I packed snacks and hats and water bottles. I resisted the bizarrely strong urge to take my own bird flu mask. We were off.

5 fun facts about our time at the show Continue reading

Lunchbox snacks

babies funny - you don't get lunch

I am not one of those mums who packs a gourmet lunchbox for my misters. I do not spend hours baking. I do not cut shapes out of their sandwiches or draw faces on their fruit. I do not put sweet little notes in or put googly eyes in their eggs. I do not grow my own vegetables, use plant syrups or the ground droppings of some rare rainforest animal. I just don’t. I’m not bagging those that do either. If you’re one of those mama’s that does the creative lunches thing, you’re a-m-a-z-i-n-g! It’s just not for me. And if I did, I’m fairly confident my boys would either not even notice or wonder what the heck was wrong with mum. Continue reading

I’ll be fine

life is good beach - mine

How many times do we say that? “I’ll be fine”. We run around making sure everyone else has everything they need, every day. We make sure the house is tidy (haha, sort of). The kids are clothed and fed and the homework is done. There’s groceries in the cupboard. The bills are paid. The clothes are washed and dried and folded and put away. Lunch boxes are organised and work clothes are ready. We might feel tired or a little unwell but if we stop, who will keep it all going for us? So, we say “I’ll be fine” and we keep on going.  Continue reading

ABC – my saviour

I only have a small house. It’s a little two storey townhouse. No matter where I go, the misters are right there. If I get to use a toilet, alone, it’s like a holiday. So sometimes, I’m that mum who puts on ‘ABC 4 kids’ and lets them zone out or sing along or go nuts dancing, all an attempt to get 2 minutes of peace. Or pee on my own. Continue reading

It’s time to say ‘No More’


Olivia Penpraze was beautiful girl with her whole life ahead of her. She should have been studying, spending time with friends, laughing and enjoying her life. She should have been planning birthdays and one day, her wedding and a family. Instead, she was being bullied. The level of bullying, from people she didn’t even know, was so extreme and so horrific that on the 3rd April 2012, her parents had to make a decision that no parent should ever have to make. Olivia attempted to take her own life, was placed on life support and pronounced brain dead. Her family had lost their angel. Continue reading