My friend

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So I’ve babbled on about being grateful. It’s something I feel is important for me to remember.

I’m grateful for many things, and people. One of those people is my friend Trish. Continue reading


The check up you need to do

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Today I had the “pleasure” of having my first mammogram done. I’m only 33 but I have quite a strong family history of breast (and other) cancers and felt it important that I get myself checked out.

If you’ve never had a mammogram, you’re in for a treat. You’d think after having kids and a bajillion hospital staff look at my other bits that I’d be totally fine with getting my boobs checked out. Somehow, it was a little different. Yes, the radiographer/mammogram genius/boob check lady sees them all day every day, but I’m not in the habit of whipping them out for strangers, so it was a little odd.  Continue reading

The Paper

and suddenly you know

Remember in school when your teacher would walk around the class handing out your marked exam papers? He or she would give each one to the student with an accompanying motion – an “A” or “B” with a pleased smile, a “C” with an encouraging nod, or a big fat “F” with a disappointed purse of the lips.

This week I will be handing in my divorce papers. I’ve pictured, for some time now, the person on the other side of the counter taking my papers, pursing their lips and scrawling a huge “F” in a massive red pen right across the middle of the paper. “You failed at your marriage.” Continue reading

The Flannelette Shirt


The Flanny. Flannie (I am mindful of ensuring the ‘L’ was included because I have made that mistake before). Flanno. Flannelette Shirt. We all know them and we either love them or loathe them. I think they’re super cute on kids, unless a mini-mullet is accompanying it. Anyway, one of my dearest friends asked me to hunt down some Flannies for her amazingly adorable little baby boy.

I was able to find a mix of flannelette shirts and ‘flannelette-look’ shirts. Here’s what I found: Continue reading


Live simply dream big be grateful

I’m grateful for a lot of things. I’ve been making a conscious effort of the past however many months, to remember to be grateful. To feel grateful. To show I’m grateful. Some days are more difficult than others to get my grateful on, and that’s too. I need to not get bogged down in the ‘drama’, to not let it consume me because if I let it, it will swallow me whole. So, I try to remember to be grateful.

Of course I’m grateful for my beautiful boys, my family and my friends. I’m grateful for my home, my job and my health. The usuals, for which I am extremely appreciative. Today though, I wanted, no needed, to tell you how grateful I am to you. Continue reading