Mini Masterpieces by Zonkt


I came across these products on the weekend and I have to tell you, I was SO excited!

I don’t know about you, but I have a little ‘mummy guilt’ when it comes to throwing out the masses of drawing and crafty bits my misters bring home. The problem it, I’ll turn into a complete hoarder if I try and keep it all.

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Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday ocean background

Happy Sunday to you!

How has your weekend been? Relaxing? Fun? Boring? Happy?

The misters and I stayed in our PJ’s till noon on Saturday. Because we could. And because I just couldn’t be bothered.  I dropped them off to their dads in the afternoon and sang all the way home. Loudly. (must remember my windows are not tinted enough to hide my concert worthy performances).

I miss them when they’re gone, truly I do. But I’ve also spent the last three weeks dealing with the littlest being unwell, a severe lack of sleep, work, and being run down. So this weekend is great! I’m looking forward to a little bit of me time (snot free).

Saturday night was spent with a bunch of girlfriends, some champers, nibblies and bucket load of laughs. Just the way I like it.

Today I’m having lunch with my mama and brother, which will be lovely! Then it’s back home, into the stretchy pants, munching on something for dinner, watching a movie. Can’t.wait….

Nothing major but filled with things and people I love. Perfect.

Hope your day is lovely xxx

Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim

1 Little moments cover

You know Fat Mum Slim right? Aka Chantelle Ellem, the Fat Mum Slim blog is one of my all time favourites. Chantelle is a gorgeous mama of two adorable little girls, she is funny and sweet and true, and she is also behind the awesome FMS Photo a Day challenge. If you don’t know about FMS (really?), you can learn more here.

Anyway, let’s assume we’re all friends and have known each other forever. BFF’s even 🙂 Yesterday, Chantelle launched her first app called Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim, and!! Continue reading

Cupcakes & Cola Children’s Boutique

Cupcakes & Cola Children’s Boutique is an online store dedicated to conveniently bringing together your favourite brands for your little ones.

The range is wonderful and diverse with clothing from newborn to size 7. You’ll also find toys, bedding and accessories. The prices are great and the service exceptional, and right now they’re having a sale so get shopping!

Here’s some of my faves:

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A little bit of happy



I’ve had a hectic few weeks. Actually, scratch that. I’ve had a hectic 18 months.

Talk about cramming it it. I’ve separated from the husband, moved house, had a sook (or several), picked myself up, fluffed my way through learning how to be a single mum, studied a bit, started a blog, dealt with attempted break ins, sick kids, hospital stays, sick me, tackling pathetic budgets, super lows and big highs, felt like I’m stuffing it all up, bucket loads of hideous snotty ugly crying, bouts of hysterical laughter, been brave, being a little pleased with myself, learnt (sort of) that sometimes I have to ask for help, putting my littlest in Kindy, getting a new job, putting the eldest in after school care, dealing with major mummy guilt, failing at housework and figuring out how to be a working single mama. Phew!!
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Happy Sunday!


How’s your weekend going?

We’ve had a lovely weekend so far, my misters and I.

Yesterday we took a drive up to Mt Tamborine and went exploring. And how else do you finish a tiring morning of wandering? But with scones of course!

This morning we met my brother (my other favourite mister) for breakfast then strolled along the beach in the sunshine. Other than my littlest guy having a sleep deprived melt down (apparently 13hrs sleep last night just wasn’t enough), it was just perfect!

I’ve just washed the car too. This may not sound that exciting but considering it’s the first time I’ve washed the thing in over a year I think it’s quite the achievement. Yay me! (Not kidding, it’s really been over a year)

I’m just about to get my ‘bake’ on and whip up some veggie soup and blueberry piklets in preparation for the week.

Hope your weekend is lovely xx







*Images are my own. The selfies are dodgy.