Cool shoes for the misters

Haydie's feet

Do your boys’ feet grow at ridiculous rates or is it just my two? Hayden jumped two shoe sizes in a month and Jack somehow skipped the last few children’s sizes in about the same timeframe…. I need to start a shoe business!

I myself love shoes A LOT so it’s only natural that my boys have a lot of shoes too. Here’s some cute finds:

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The things they say….

H dinosaur costume

Today’s is my sweet little Hayden’s 2nd birthday. He totally LOVES his new dinosaur costume, can you tell?!

He didn’t quite understand what was happening, answering with a confused “yes?” each time his big brother Jack and I wished him a Happy Birthday. He did, however, understand the universal language of presents. Paper flew everywhere and his squeals of happiness each time he opened something was too cute. I do need to teach him to do one big rip instead of tearing off the wrapping paper in teeny tiny pieces, it’s like a confetti factory blew up!

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What do you call it?

It’s always been a ‘doodle’ or even better, the ‘bits’.  Now that my eldest is in school and is getting a little older day by day, I’m wondering if more “grown up” terms should be used. Having said that, hearing my sweet little mister say the word penis feels wrong somehow. It almost feels too grown up for him.
So, is it better to encourage him to use the proper words and feel like he’s really growing up (I know he is, but you know what I mean), or keep him sweet and innocent for a little while longer and use the old favourites? How old is old enough?

My Mother’s Day Wish List


Mums! Our day is coming up! The day we get spoilt with breaky in bed, beautiful handmade cards, special little gifts and a bunch of cuddles.  Ok, in my house it will be me getting the breakfast, wiping a nose, changing a bum, drinking several cups of coffee, crying a little inside at my tired old reflection and acting completely surprised as I open a gift I may just buy myself but hey, it’s still our day!

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Free printable colouring & worksheets


Craft and colouring in is a big thing in this house (not from me though, I’m pathetic at anything craft related). Instead of buying endless colouring books, I’ve found many websites offering free colouring pages and activities that you can either print and use, or save to your computer for later (I’ve built up a big folder of them). They’re great for boredom, rainy days or to take with you on outings to keep them entertained!

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